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Customer Testimonials

  • Helen Basford - my experience has been outstanding, I can’t recommend it enough!

    Posted by fullcircle on 12 September 2017

    Before I started the course in June I had been part of a senior leadership team in a large research and insights agency in London and moved into a leadership role as their ‘in house’ coach.  Through working in people management and team development…

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  • Domante Kibirkstyte - you will never regret going on this journey!

    Posted by fullcircle on 01 August 2017

    Before attending the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice I was European Marketing Manager for a commercial real estate company in Brussels for a year (supporting my partner in developing business in Europe). Previously I ran an events…

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  • Paul Tong - a highly experiential learning approach

    Posted by fullcircle on 04 July 2017

    I recently completed the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and I am currently working on the advanced course with Full Circle. I’ve spent the bulk of my career in Senior Operations Management roles and most recently as Global COO in a…

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  • Diarmid McBride - seeing the impact on coaching clients is brilliant!

    Posted by fullcircle on 06 June 2017

    Having most recently been EMEA Head of HR for a Japanese Multinational, I was in the process of setting up my bespoke HR and coaching business.  I wanted to become a coach because I had ‘coached’ in business for a number of years (or I thought I…

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  • Meet Carina.....

    Posted by fullcircle on 25 April 2017

    I work in policy, with a focus on managing projects and people. I have been mentoring as part of my job, but hadn’t done (or had) any coaching; developing and implementing training programmes has been a key feature of the roles I’ve held for the last…

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