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Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practice™

Coaching has grown rapidly in the UK due to the ever-increasingly complex and demanding lives we lead and the reduced dependency we have on traditional forms of support.  

Those who have experienced Coaching are often astounded by their achievements and of their new outlook on life.  They are more certain, motivated and true to themselves and able to achieve their full potential.  With the achievement of their own potential comes the achievement of greater success to those around.  Coaching has a knock-on effect that delivers results across a range of people.

Within organisations coaching has taken a more dominant role as a means of developing personal leadership, increasingly required as a key competitive advantage.  Not only are senior leaders retaining coaching services but those responsible for the management and performance of others are learning coaching skills in order to extract the highest performance from their teams. 

The recent CIPD training and development survey showed that all those using coaching either on a personal basis or within the workplace aspired, as a key driver, to improve both individual and business performance.  

Coaching is a highly effective way for people to learn, grow and develop to the benefit of themselves and within their organisations.  It has been proven that organisations incorporating a coaching culture aspire to use coaching as an effective tool for enabling their employees to meet competitive pressures, plan for succession and bring about change.  

The Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practice will provide you with new a new range of skills, techniques and approaches to coaching which will evolve and enhance your coaching potential.

Course overview

The course provides a comprehensive professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools, techniques and models, and includes supervised coaching from experienced credentialed coaches.

The course weaves together the following:

  • Advanced Principles of coaching
  • Advanced Practice of coaching
  • Personal development coaching
  • Workplace coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Coaching though change and challenging behaviour
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Powerful coaching
  • The ICF core competencies of coaching
  • Coaching and standards and ethics
  • Sustaining your coaching practice