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Certificate in Team Coaching Practice™

Coaching has to date mainly focussed on individual development in one-to-one relationships, and only recently has there been growing interest in how to coach whole teams.

Originally coming from the sports profession, team coaching has used techniques such as visualisation for overall improved team performance, styles of communication for improved understanding and appreciation of skills and strengths along with a focus on high performing team concepts.

Much of the growing interest in team coaching has come from a realisation of the limits of what can be achieved through individual coaching and leadership development, which trends help create strong individual managers or leaders but poorly functioning teams. The trends have left to a marked increase in the number of organisations using team coaching.

Course Overview

The course provides a comprehensive professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools, techniques and models, and includes supervised coaching from experienced credentialed coaches.

The course weaves together the following:

  • The skills of team coaching
  • Facilitation vs team coaching
  • Setting up team coaching
  • Measuring progress achieved through coaching
  • Team development
  • The coaching framework
  • Sources of interference in teams
  • Goal setting in teams
  • Establishing a clear contract
  • Achieving consensus on actions
  • Conducting learning reviews
  • ICF 11 competencies
  • Ethics & standards