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Coaching Skills for Managers

Traditional management styles provide a rigid structure of controlling and tasking employees. Often the additional value that can be added to any task by the employee is missed and the quality of the outcome is largely determined by the manager, rather than the employee.

Coaching employees rather than using more traditional management techniques helps empower and enable individuals or teams to take the action they need to complete tasks to the best of their ability. Coaching enables people to take accountability for themselves, work better together and effectively share ability to produce synergy. It helps morale, improves productivity and supports personal development.

What will you gain?

You will be able to use a powerful coaching process, tools and techniques to move the people you coach closer to where their potential lies. You will be more able to engage effectively, communicate clearly and support people in achieving much more, whilst honouring the values of management that are important to you.

What is covered?

  • Introduction to workplace coaching
  • The principles of workplace coaching
  • The manager as coach
  • Communication skills
  • Powerful coaching
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Using coaching skills for performance discussions, one-to-ones and objective setting
  • Core competencies of successful coaching
  • Implementing in your workplace - sustaining your skills


This is a one-day highly experiential course involving theory, practice and demonstration. It is a course that should be approached with an open mind and a willingness to try powerful techniques in order to understand the true ability of others.

Who should attend?

Any person with people management or leadership responsibility who wants to explore an empowering, innovative and highly effective way of supporting, guiding and motivating their teams to achieve much more.